Of course nowadays in our so called modern times, getting married has almost become old fashioned or out of style. 

In our fast times, where everything is instantaneously available, why even commit to loving another person for a whole life, why wait for a wedding night? 

Why not test drive that relationship a bit, like one would do with a car before a binding purchase, see where it leads us and what happens and then take it from there? 

Yet, we are here to make that point for the old fashioned custom of marriage: making up one’s mind, committing to a loved one for a whole lifetime and making a promise, depending on our religion in church in the presence of god, or somewhere else in the presence of life by another ceremony. 

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There is a lot to be gained from such a commitment, even though at first glance it might look like a lot of responsibility and little fun. 

There is the beauty of faith, the nurturing of the marriage partner to his or her best, at times hard work on the relationship and on one’s own flaws, not quitting, keeping one’s promise, going through hell and high water despite all odds and the reward of coming out the other end, victorious and all grown spiritually, mentally and as a human.  

There is a loving and stable family unit to be gained, for children to grow up in, getting nurtured and supported to become their best! 

Then there is a whole world that needs love and faith, to be nurtured to its true potential of Brotherhood of Men and of peace and love on earth!

To your wedding!

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