With the average price for wedding dresses between $500 and $4000, the wedding gown is an item on the wedding list that is worth getting some attention. 

Here are 8 easy tips how to get your desired dress at an affordable price: 

1) Make time to watch out for sales

By starting 6 to 12 months prior to your wedding, you have enough time to watch out for sales by brands or designers. You can check out your favorite websites to know when sales begin and end up buying a dress for 20% of its original price. 

2) Avail yourself of sample gowns

Shopping sample gowns in stores that are still in excellent shape is another alternative, if you allow for enough time to find your perfect match. 

3) Buy second hand

If you have your heart set on a designer dress but don’t have the wallet for it right now, here are 7 top sites to buy a designer wedding dress second hand for an affordable price: 

4) Another great idea to get to your perfect wedding gown is to buy separate parts and become all creative! 

There are sites like etsy, who do not only provide all the ingredients for a perfect gown at an affordable price, they also give lots of ideas and inspiration: 

Join us on part two of our blog for further tips!!

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