Usually when couples decide to get married, they enter into a time full of wonderful expectation of the greatest day of their lives. They finally can plan for and prepare all they have ever dreamed of. 

But then again there is so much to do, so much to decide, so much to consider, so much to organize and prepare and finally so much to pay for, so that time can bring with it also so much stress, that it can almost overshadow the joy. 

Often by aiming for that picture perfect wedding we can put ourselves under a lot of pressure. 

While a picture perfect wedding with beautiful and exquisite quality and quantity of everything is not to be knocked, there is also a totally different approach to a wedding by simply being your unique you. Instead of aiming to have everything picture perfect, we can also just aim to share our uniqueness with our wedding celebration and simply be us. After all, that’s what your friends and family come for, to celebrate you and take part in your unique and special day. 

You can make a list of the special things YOU TWO love and would like to share with family and friends and organize your wedding around some of those, to make it your original celebration. 

There is no limit to creating that way. 

The bride adores the color pink. Why not color coordinate the whole wedding in pink shades? 

Possibly a honey moon to Mexico or Thailand is planned, as the couple loves those countries. You can put the whole wedding under that motto, decorate accordingly, serve matching food and all your guest partake in your love for that country and learn more about you too.

The groom loves spaghetti bolognese as meal and tiramisu as desert. Why not offer it to the guests and share that passion for Italian food with them, including decoration about Italy? 

Some couples are involved in charities, like helping animals or taking care of the environment. Why not put the wedding under a special theme and get some donations for that good cause as wedding gifts too?   

How about singing or playing that special song you two share as a symbol of your love? The Harrison Jazz Ensemble, a jazz band in the greater Tampa Bay area, can help with that! 

Or how about sharing that romantic or funny story when you two first met? Make sure you have a master of ceremonies and mic to present all your original speeches of bride and groom and of family and friends involved, in order to share memorable moments. Again, your band might be able to help with that too.

If the couple loves jazz music in general, have a live jazz band. The Harrison Jazz Ensemble can accommodate all your jazz needs as a jazz band in the greater Tampa Bay area, help with your song choices and make this a very special event for you and your loved ones. 

Happy Creating of your unique wedding!


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