Roaring Twenties Event Theme

Looking for a unique and memorable theme for your event that is almost guaranteed to make it a lot of fun? How about a Roaring Twenties party?

The Roaring Twenties, even today, almost 100 years later, are remembered as a time of great social change and most importantly FUN!

Dancing, socializing, great nightlife and Jazz were the order of the day.  Even mentioning the "Roaring Twenties" conjures partying. So this as a theme can make a mundane quarterly meeting or annual convention really jump!

At a minimum you'd want to encourage your guests to dress in the period. It's relatively easy to find costumes and accessories for both men and women to create an authentic touch. Here's a website that I found that specializes in Roaring Twenties events and supplies:

Jazz was a big part of the Roaring Twenties, so you'll need a Jazz band that knows songs from the era. Have the band dress in tuxedos.   Have the band keep the music lively, in keeping with the era.

If you've got the budget, add a dance instructor to help everyone learn the Charleston.  How about an award for best costume?  Add more period touches to the venue and transport your guests back to the time when things were really "Roaring!"


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