When you get ready to tie the knot with your beloved one, you might want to both sit down and imagine which style of wedding would suit you two best. You might have always dreamed of a white traditional wedding in the church, the bohemian wedding at the beach, the rustic wedding in the barn or backyard or a seasonal wedding. 

Are there specific colors you feel drawn to, you feel represent you best and you like to implement? 

Is there a special venue you already have in mind? 

Your wedding theme and color scheme will set the stage for your special occasion and can add greatly to the beauty, the aesthetics and the enjoyment of the event. 

With style, color, clothes, food, decoration and the location of the event, you two will create your unique celebration together, in which all your family and friends participate. 

If your venue is a modern setting with white walls, black and gray chairs, red carpets and lots of steel, you might reconsider it, if you are planning a romantic wedding with dusty rose dresses for the bridesmaids. 

So start to imagine and dream and we will go over some examples for wedding styles and colors in our next blog. 

You are creating your very own possibly first piece of art together here and it will be fun too!

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