Many brides and grooms have very tight wedding budgets.  Yet they don’t want to go super cheap on the most special day of their lives.  

If you fall into this category, there are fortunately some things that can be done to reduce stress and make sure that you  can then fully enjoy your big day without any worries about future bills to pay. 

Here are a few tips that won’t take anything away from your wedding, but can possibly cut some of the expenses:  

If money is getting tight while you are still in your planning stages, trimming the guest list will shrink your expenses a lot right there, as about 50% of the money spent on your wedding is for food and drinks.  

Book your venue for a Friday or Sunday, which usually saves your 25% of the cost.  

Sometimes booking late like 2 months before the wedding, while the average venues are booked 6 months in advance, can give you also a 25% discount.  

Plan a late winter or early spring wedding. By having less competition in those seasons, you will get better prices for venues and more, especially in a state like Florida that gives you year round favorable weather conditions.  

Hire a band that can play at the ceremony, the cocktail hour and at the reception. If you prefer a DJ for the reception, The Harrison Jazz Ensemble, a jazz band in the Tampa Bay area, can provide music for the cocktail hour, ceremony, or both as they have lots of experience with weddings in the Tampa Bay area. 

This is part one and stay tuned for part two of tips for weddings on a tight budget!

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