The Processional

The last post concerned the music for the prelude, which is that period before the beginning of your wedding.

Next, we take up the processional. According to a "procession" is: –noun
1. the act of moving along or proceeding in orderly succession or in a formal and ceremonious manner, as a line of people, animals, vehicles, etc.

So the processional is that period at the start of your wedding when the bridal party walks in in a ceremonious manner. The highlight of this is the last entrance of the bride.

There are many ways to go with the music for this phase. Some brides simply opt to have soft background music that remains the same for everyone but her entrance. Others would rather have different music signal the entrances of the grandparents and parents, and for the brides maids and groomsmen.

If you decide to have different songs, have them be of the same style. If you go from Mozart to James Brown, you'll jar your audience. You want them to be focused on the beauty of the event and contemplating the celebration that is your love... not thinking "Wow, what's that?".

The highlight of the processional is the entrance of the bride. Many brides love the simplicity and beauty of the traditional "Here Comes The Bride". One of the big benefits of this song is that everyone knows it, so when they hear it they know that the bride is coming. I've seen the audiences become electric upon hearing the first few chords of the song.

On the other hand there are no rules. I've sung "Just the Way You Look Tonight" for the bride and played "At Last" by Etta James for another. One bride requested that I cue up "Ribbon In The Sky" on my ipod for her entrance.

It's your big day, so play what you really want. Is there a song that has special significance for you and your sweetie?  Create a story that unfolds with the music. Never allow harsh changes in the music to distract your guests from you and your celebration.

To give you a few suggestions, here are the top 15 processional songs according to Processional Wedding  As you can see, you have lots of choices!

1.  At Last. Etta James
2.  From This Moment. Shania Twain
3.  Trumpet Voluntary. Clarke
4.  Heaven. DJ Sammy
5.  Only Time. Enya
6.  All My Life. KC and JOJO
7.  Wedding March/Marriage of Figaro. Mozart
8.  Come Away With Me. Norah Jones
9.  The Prayer. Charlotte Church and Josh Groban
10. Angels Brought Me Here. Guy Sebastian
11. Because you Loved me. Celine Dion
12. Me and You. Kenny Chesney
13. Forever. Jaheim
14. Storybook Love (Theme from Princess Bride). Mark Knopfler
15. Butterfly Kisses. Bob Carlisle

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