Planning For Spring and Summer Weddings

Let's all knock on wood that the worse of this pandemic is behind us.  All indications are that in Florida at least, we've rounded the curve.  As a jazz band performing in Tampa, we've noticed our inquires for weddings and other events accelerating, which is a good sign. 

So how do you factor in this information in terms of planning for your wedding? Well the first thing is to consider locking down your venue NOW for your spring or summer wedding.  It's possible and even likely that there is pent up demand as a result of the earlier lock downs, which could affect availability for your preferred venue.  So don't wait.

Try to get a room that is adjacent to an outdoor space, rather than a room that is in the middle of the building.  This way you'll have the option of conducting your ceremony inside, or if many of you guests are uncomfortable, you can move the festivities outside, where it's easier to social distance. 

Weddings are notorious for running over budget, so plan each item.  Look at how much you want to spend for food, venue, and music.  Try your best to stay within what you can afford and still have a great event.

As we know that budgets can vary, we offer in the Tampa area, jazz trios, jazz duos, jazz quartets and even a one man band that sounds like a full group.  We offer this in order to work within your budget while making your wedding sound awesome.

Let us know if you have any questions and CONGRATS!

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